Urban Marigold is a Los Angeles based floral design company with Jen DeMarti at the helm. Originally from Encinitas, CA (that's San Diego area for non-Southern Californians) Jen's love for her surroundings, art, music, the beach and addiction to the stimulating colors nature offers began early in her life. These elements always presented themselves in her paintings, drawings and design. She used to paint constantly and feels her love for that medium reincarnated itself in floral design. The name Urban Marigold came from combining the urban setting of her long time home of Los Angeles with one of the most bright, vivacious and healing flowers - the Marigold. The marigold can flourish almost anywhere, and Jen feels she tries to approach life in the same way and most recently in her journey as a mother to boy and girl twins. Who she’s hoping will end up liking flowers.

After navigating the music and arts industry for more than a decade, Jen reignited her love for floral design in the midst of her own wedding. Creatively directing the look and feel of the event, from the invitations all the way down to the dahlias, turned out to be a deeply inspiring experience. Since she was starting on a new path, she knew she had to get her floral mojo going. Throughout this path she invested in some life changing mentorship sessions with established, ridiculously talented floral designers Janelle from Lavender’s Flowers and Rachael Lunghi from Siren Floral Co. Their encouragement, wisdom, and just overall wonderful-ness helped her flourish as a designer and business owner.

All in all, Jen is passionate about flowers, but even more passionate about people and their stories. She feels it’s an honor to be an extension of people’s love language, and that she gets the opportunity to translate that via floral design.