Photo by @_mikeradford

Urban Marigold is a Los Angeles based floral design company with Jen DeMarti at the helm. Originally from Encinitas, CA (that's San Diego area for non-Southern Californians) Jen's love for her surroundings, art, music, the beach and addiction to the stimulating colors nature offers began early in her life. These elements always presented themselves in her paintings, drawings and design.  

College brought Jen to Los Angeles where she immersed herself in the music industry. One of her favorite aspects of the music business was cultivating relationships and creative vision with colleagues and artists. She felt she could connect with clients in a similar, personable way to help bring their ideas to fruition.

After navigating the music and arts industry for more than a decade, Jen reignited her love for floral design in the midst of her own wedding. Creatively directing the look and feel of the event, from the invitations all the way down to the dahlias, turned out to be a deeply inspiring experience. After designing events for friends and family, and seeing first-hand the beauty and joy florals can bring to any experience, Jen made floral design her next journey. With a growing roster of clients on the horizon, Jen is most excited to connect with new clients and help make their once-in-a-lifetime experiences that much more memorable.